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BagCoa Minigrip® Company

Saving money with BagCo makes good sense!BagCo™ a Minigrip® Company is a leading provider of quality plastic reclosable packaging.

We have developed many patented products, including Zippit® Reclosable Bags, TearZone® Safeguard Specimen Bags, ColorCode™ TearZone® Specimen Transport Bags, DispenserBag™ Bags, LANSINOH™ My Mommy's Milk® Breast Milk Storage Bags, and Kangaroo Pouch® Bags.

Our staff is always happy to work with you to create your packaging needs.

What we do best is provide quality product, at affordable prices. We find ways to get your name and product out there in a package that best suits your needs. Our own recognizable Zippit® is produced with the white Color Line® that holds your product securely. Choose from our clear, white block, hang hole, antistat, UV protected, and medical bags. Zippit® bags can be printed with your logo or instructions, including bar code, in up to six colors.

What's New?

The TearZone® line grows! Having invented the safe, easier to use Medical TearZone® Specimen bag in the 1990s, we haven't stopped there. Not only do we currently stock the TearZone® in three popular sizes as well as a STAT version we also carry ColorCode™ TearZone® Specimen Transport Bags in blue, green, red, and yellow. These bags still have the safer access at the lab level through the TearZone®. They also have the quick color ID to help the lab techs determine the urgency or storage of the sample. Clinical labs asked us to color code, and we did!

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