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BagCo is a company that thrives on innovation and ideas!We’re a company that thrives on innovation and ideas. If you have a TIP or TOOL that you find helpful when using our products at work or at home, contact us with your ideas so we can share them with others.

Remember to include our Zippit® bags in your buying forecast this year. We can help review your usage for stock items and/or discuss your custom design ideas and special quotes needs. Experience shows us that quite often a slightly larger bag will do the job. When measuring Zippit® bags, give the width first, then the length (under the zipper) — the usable space!

TOOL: Compare for yourself. Our Zippit® Color Line® Super-Gripper zipper opens easier; without resistance, and closes securely. You will see AND FEEL the difference. The white line zipper on our stocked bags is a sign of quality. Zippit® bags are reclosable and reusable. Use them to package, protect, and display products. Zippit® bags — high quality, more durable, and economical.

TOOL: How do you measure a bag? When measuring Zippit® bags, list the width first, then the length of the usable space (under the zipper). If there is a bottom gusset, it seems to increase the width and helps the bag stand upright. The bottom gusset length is the last measurement — width x length x bottom gusset. Be sure to state the mil gauge and the desired quantity.

TOOL: Do you want a special feature or print? We can provide bags with many features, whether you need hang holes, a writing block, a tamper evident feature, microperfs or vent holes for breathability for the contained item, a custom print or color in the film. Add your name or your customer’s name and logo on our bags for branding and recognition — which is better than a header card that is discarded after opening. Remember, each time a custom Zippit® is opened and reused, your name flashes in front of your customer. Call to discuss your custom design ideas and special quote needs. We are experts in product development and customer service.

TIP: When storing fresh produce at home — wash, pat or wring dry your produce, then place in a Zippit® bag. Gently blow air into the bag before closing. CO<span style="font-size: 8pt;">2 keeps veggies and fruit fresher!

TIP: Remember to include our Zippit® bag products in your buying forecast this year for all your packaging needs. Contact us to help you review your usage for necessary stock items.


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